We love partnering with all sorts of people both locally and around the world. Whether it be one individual or an international organization. 

Featured Partners


Axiom Coffee Ventures


AXIOM Coffee Ventures is creating a pathway out of poverty for 1 million smallholders.

Axiom Coffee Ventures was founded by Stephan Erkelens after a lifelong career in coffee in an attempt to give back. A firm believer that we will answer for the work we've done on this earth, Stephan wanted to do his part to solve the problem of poverty in the coffee industry, a hot topic among the coffee elite, but something that very rarely is actually acted upon. In order to do this, Stephan met the farmers where they were. Growing up in Guatemala City, Stephan had connections to some farmers already, so that's where he started. 

If they needed logistical help, Stephan would connect them with the right people, technical help, Stephan used a team of experienced Micro lots farmers to assess the processes and equipment usage, monetary help, Stephan would fund the projects himself to get it off the ground. Once the farmer had produced a micro-lot quality coffee, Stephan would use his connection in the states to find a buyer. Through that, Axiom Specialty Coffee was born as a natural extension to an already ambitious project. 

Stephan has since affecting the lives of hundreds of farmers looking to have a successful career in coffee farming. "Coffee with a conscious", Axiom coffees are built on a mission and a promise: these coffees represent a chance for coffee farmers to fairly work their way out of poverty while getting the credit they deserve for the wonderful, tireless work they contribute. 


The Way Home 


We exist to create pathways out of chronic homelessness through permanent supportive housing in Lower Bucks County.

The Way Home is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization commited to fighting homelessness in Lower Bucks County. We come from a variety of places. Some of us are professionals, some are local members of religious communities,  and some of us have even wrestled with homelessness ourselves.

Lower Bucks County is home to more than 500 individuals without housing. Lower Bucks is also our home. We love the places we live and want to see our towns thrive. We have commited to stay and embrace the community that is already here rather than run to greener pastures. That means loving our neighbors and dealing with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Our goal is to work in our own neighborhoods first then to share the Housing First model with all of Philadelphia and her suburbs. Homelessness is a part of a regional economy of poverty that lays claim to more than 5,000 individuals struggling with chronic homelessness. Since we work in that economy, our end goals are both local and regional.